• Class DemonstrationFloyd demonstrates carving and painting techniques every step of the way.
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Quotes from Participants

"... it's a gang I cherish. After a lifetime of pursuits I'm finally at home with carving. Thanks to you."

"I come to the class because of Floyd and because of the guys and gals that I've met."

"He makes people feel they can carve the most magnificent bird."

"I knew it would be intense carving..."

"You come here the first day and before you know it, it's the last day. It's the greatest stress pill there is."

See Schedule Below

2019 Carving & Painting Seminar Schedule!

Life-size Merlin Falcon, Highly Animated

Monday May 13 - Thursday May 23, 2019

Highly animated Merlin on driftwood base. What a way to kick off the 2019 seminar season!

One of the bird world's most efficient winged predators, the Merlin is as ferocious as it is beautiful!

All aspects of the carving and painting process will be covered in great detail in creating this formidable little Falcon!  See you in May!

Carving Level: Open to all levels

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,550.00

Life-size Male Red Tailed Hawk

Sunday June 9 - Wed June 19, 2019

My favorite of all the Raptors!  Splendid in form, size and power! Together we'll bring to life one of North America's most recognizable Birds of Prey. This class is open to all levels of ability!

If you've ever wanted to give Birdcarving a try then this class is for you!

All aspects of carving, texturing and painting will be covered during the course of this 10 day class.

Carving Level: Open to all levels

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,550.00

Life-size Mourning Dove

Sun 7/28 - Sat 8/3  7th annual "All Women's Spectacular!"

Ladies only 6-day course. A glorious Mourning Dove perches in the morning sun contently upon a slanted rock ...  This wonderful 6 day celebration of art is open to women carvers only.   I can’t wait for this highly anticipated annual get together!

Carving Level: Beginner to intermediate.

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,000.00

Life-size Male Harris Hawk

September 9 - 18, 2019  SPECIAL EVENT IN GWINN, MICHIGAN!

Called the "Wolves of the Air," Harris Hawks are one of the most intriguing and beautiful of all Raptors! A stunning combination of intelligence, elegance and power makes Harris Hawks one of the most recognizable and well known of all the Birds of Prey. Join Floyd and your hosts Pam and Jim Krausman as you work to learn all aspects of bird carving and painting in the peaceful, wooded sanctuary known as Krausman's Studio!

Over the course of 10 days, you will marvel at what can be accomplished as you carve, sand and shape the finest Tupelo you will ever touch! You will transform a lifeless block of wood into something that will become a treasured family heirloom. You will leave tired, yet buoyed with a renewed sense of confidence and understanding as you go home and create those birds you once thought beyond your ability!

Carving Level: Open to all levels!
at the Krausman's Woodcarving Studio, Gwinn, MI
See website for additional details and price please.
Email Jim and Pam Krausman or call toll free at (877) 572-8762 to register.

Life-size Great Horned Owl  (sold out)

October 13 - 24, 2019  The Great "October EVENT!!"

This annual "Carvfest" has become as much a reunion of good friends, hard work and rewarding results as anything you'll ever attend! Anyone lucky enough to have attended will say: "The Halloween spirit is alive and well in Bennington"!! Together we carve, eat, carve, drink, woodburn, eat, paint, eat and celebrate renewed friendships while basking in the glow of Autumnal Glory in beautiful Bennington, Vermont! This year's subject is the mighty Lifesize Great Horned Owl which will challenge even the most advanced Bird carver. This 12 day event is currently sold out, BUT! You can get on a waiting list and someday... perhaps... someday, the door will open to you!

Carving Level: experienced carvers only please.

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,650.00

Lifesize Red-Phased Screech Owl with 3 Chicks (wall mount)

November 3 - 13, 2019  The Grand Finale "November to Remember"

What a wonderful way to close out another productive season at the Vermont Raptor Academy. Yes, the October Event is a tough act to follow, BUT! ...this just might be the answer to your Pre-Thanksgiving blues! Come on up to Bennington and join the November super carvers as we create a beautiful Wall mounted Owl family! Together we'll create the section of tree, nest cavity, branch and curious babies peeking out from inside the tree as Mother Owl perches alongside wondering who to feed first! This will be one to remember!

Carving Level: Some carving and painting experience required.

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,550.00

2019 Note from Floyd...

Happy 2019 Everyone!
How can it possibly get any better?
Well... Glad you asked!
As a renewed sense of optimism, opportunity and improvements fill the Vermont Raptor Academy at the Laumeister Art Center, the 2019 carving chips are ready to fly!

C'mon up to the V.R.A., turn off the news and just focus on and immerse yourself in your art!  If you're serious about improving your Carving and Painting skills, then this is your place!

With more than 50 years of carving behind me and 30 years of teaching carving seminars I've never been more excited about the upcoming lineup of carving subjects and possibilities as what you'll see offered for 2019.

The quality of the carvings produced and the friendships made speak for themselves. As so many have said: "I arrived as a student, and left as a friend."
Seminars at the Vermont Raptor Academy have evolved into so much more than just: "here's how to carve a Bird." We build your confidence in knowing that you will leave buoyed by the know-how to go home and tackle all those projects you've only dreamed about doing!

With each passing year I try and improve upon every level of what there is to offer you the student. Rest assured, I'm nowhere near the end of where I plan to be, but in 2019 it's FULL STEAM AHEAD in giving you the best there is to offer!

Hope to see you soon!

Floyd Scholz

Class Location & Info

All seminars will be conducted at the Bennington Center for the Arts unless otherwise noted.

Seminars feature catered lunches, snacks and so much more!

Any questions, be in touch!

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Seminar participation total is limited to between six and 16 students.

In order to run the class, the sign up total must be 6 or more, or it will be cancelled.


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As Floyd's seminar schedule is generally in great demand, he offers the additional option of learning from his many books and DVDs.

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